Saturday, September 30, 2006

LOVE FOR DESSERT - flash fiction

I have on idea what they have planned for deseert, honest.

This 500-word piece of flash fiction has just endured a tune-up. In theory, it should now be a better read. Any thoughts would be appreciated. (contains thoughts about sex, so rate it, PG)

Bayou Bill


Love For Dessert
by Bill Fullerton

Was this what love felt like? Kelly didn’t know. She’d gone after Jerry, it’d been a snap, but just for his family’s money and status. While nice enough, he could be so dull.

Rowdy, on the other hand, was a fun party guy and her favorite playmate. She’d never considered giving him up, not until last night.

Jerry had been so worn-out from his summer job it’d almost been funny. But a stop at the T-Bone Grill for a big lettuce and tomato salad, two double-cheeseburgers, a large order of curly fries, and three glasses of ice tea revived him enough to want something special for dessert.

That was okay with her. It was past time to be extra nice to him. Besides, she felt frisky. So Jerry would soon be getting lucky.

That he turned out to be so good came as a surprise, and a real bonus. The first time had been okay, maybe even a little exciting. Of course, most first times were. But other than that, it’d been sex as usual.

After they rested and shared a cigarette, however, he began making love, not just to the boobs and all that, but to every part of her body, and did it with nothing in his way, either. He’d insisted on taking off all her clothes. So there she lay, buck-naked in the backseat of his car, while he did his thing—and she had loved every moment.

Most guys were eager to paw and grab, but just until they moved on to the serious stuff. Jerry seemed to enjoy foreplay, kissing and touching and nibbling and stroking everywhere. And he kept on doing it until she’d been on the verge of begging him to get on with the serious stuff.

When he did, the sex had been even better than before. But it was this feeling she got that he wanted to make love to her, with her, not just get laid like Rowdy sometimes did, that really turned her on.

Maybe after wanting her for so long, he’d been determined to take full advantage of their time together. Maybe he always made love that way. Whatever the reason, being on the receiving end had been incredible.

But what made the night so special happened while going home. On a quiet stretch, he pulled over and kissed her. When it ended, he gave her this look and said, "I need you--now." All she could do, all she wanted to do, was nod.

They parked nearby, but so close to the road you could still see the occasional car passing. It felt like they were doing it right out in public. Jerry didn't seem to care, and moments later, neither did she. It all felt so spontaneous, so passionate, so, well, so damn romantic.

Tonight, they were back at the T-Bone but would soon be leaving for some more dessert. She smiled with anticipation and, yes, a feeling of love.

So long, Rowdy.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Posting for Something Different - good writing

QUEEN KLUTZ by Marti Lawrence

Several of my writing buddies have recently had their work published. This post will highlight their efforts and encourage (browbeat) you to check 'em out. Enjoy the break. I'll get back to posting from my novel in a few days.

Bayou Bill


Queen Klutz

Marti Lawrence's blog, Enter the Laugther, is an oasis of entertainment along the information highway. She's just released a compilation of her humor writing in, QUEEN KLUTZ, which she describes as:

"...a collection of essays about my misadventures. I write humorously about bad luck, being a klutz, cars that hate me, life, love and family. I’ve broken both ankles twice, amputated my right index finger and had it reattached. I’ve had the transmission fall out of a Dodge van while driving down the interstate. My teenage son wrecked my car, resulting in an E-Bay auction for the $2,000 French Fry, which caused the wreck. If I couldn’t write about this stuff being funny, I’d be in a rubber room. INCLUDES: Not the Best Kind of Breaking News - Gravity hates me - Mechanical Mayhem - How I cut off my finger and lived to tell about it - A Roaring Fire - Boy: 1 = Little Green Army Man: 0 - While My Flat-tar Gently Weeps - Square tires and bent rims - DMV: Or Diarrheal Mahatma Voodoo - Been to Hell: And Have the Lunch Receipt - Halloween Memories - Pirates of Hotpants

To quote the great Joe Bob Briggs, check it out.


MUSCADINE LINES: a southern anthology

Muscadine Lines

In it's first year as a literary e-zine, Muscadine Lines: a southern journal, has built a reputation for publishing a broad spectrum of southern writing from high lit. drama to down home humor. Publisher Kathy Rhodes has now published some of the best work from that first year in, MUSCADINE LINES: a southern anthology.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it should be pointed out that I have had a couple stories appear in Muscadine Lines. It's a testimony to the quality of work appearing in this anthology that it contains neither of them. However, it does have entries by a couple writing buddies whose work I highly recommend: Gilda Griffith Brown and Lonnye Sue Sims Pearson

To learn more about this collection, including how to buy several (they make GREAT presents) go to,


Maui Madness

Dana Sieben, in her blog, Southern Gal Goes North, shares the triumphs and travails of an Alabama native living in a Chicago suburb with her husband and two children. Obviously, a great sense of humor is a key ingredient to survival in such circumstances and Dana has loads.

The current issue of, Long Story Short, includes Dana's LOL short story, Maui Madness,

For Doubting Thomas types, here's an excerpt:

The name of the company had even sounded safe; Aloha Bike Tours. It had lulled her into thinking that it would be a nice little ride, see some scenery, you know…relaxing, outdoorsy stuff, see some birdies then go back to the beach. But no, it had to be a non-stop, coasting-down-the-side-of-a-volcano-on-a-road-with-no-guardrails kind of excursion with a lean, browned, Hawaiian guide who was riding backwards, of all things. Backwards!

See what I mean? Now go check it out.


Ramblin' Ray

Ray Maxie, aka Ramblin' Ray, the pride of Conroe, Texas, is a retired Texas law enforcement officer who can see both the humor and heartache of past times. The new issue of Muscadine Line: a southern journal, includes his powerful article about enduring Hurricane Carla, Hurricane Winds Stripped Decal from Patrol Car Door.

Here's a short excerpt explaining that title:

The wind and blowing rain was unbelievably furious and strong. I could feel the gust rocking the car severely. Never in my life, before or since, have I seen such enormous amounts of wind and rain. The force was so strong it was similar to the car being sand blasted. The next day someone said, “Where’s your decal, trooper?” I then noticed the state highway patrol decal had been blown completely off the driver’s side door!

Those interested in reading more of Ray's writing should check out his bi-weekly, Stories of the Ark-La-Tex column in Texas Escapes


Ol' Newt

Newt Harlan is another fine Texas life-form. For those blessed with some familiarity with Texas, he's from Humble. Those poor souls not so enriched must settle for the thought he lives down around Houston. Folks familiar with Old Newt know he can usually be found at "The Ol' Watering Hole" swapping true lies.

Whether any of them are included in his funny short story, Hoodoo Queens, which also appears in this month's issue of Muscdine Lines: a southern journal , is anyone's guess.

Maybe you can get an idea from this excerpt:

We was four of us: me, Sister Etta Ruth, Sister Carrie, and Sister Mary Fay. All of us was members of the Greater Ebenezer Missionary Church Reformed competition chorus and were all full-blooded church members, exceptin' for Sister Mary Fay who is half-Catholic. There was four other sisters what sang with us, but they was high-falutin' heifers and didn't much stay with us when we wasn't singin'.

Newt does not blog, neither does he run a web site. He does, however, have a great semi-regualr newsletter, Pearls of Profound Wisdom and Other Misguided Thoughts. If you're interested in being added to the mailing list, let me know in a comment and I'll pass the word along.