Saturday, September 30, 2006

LOVE FOR DESSERT - flash fiction

I have on idea what they have planned for deseert, honest.

This 500-word piece of flash fiction has just endured a tune-up. In theory, it should now be a better read. Any thoughts would be appreciated. (contains thoughts about sex, so rate it, PG)

Bayou Bill


Love For Dessert
by Bill Fullerton

Was this what love felt like? Kelly didn’t know. She’d gone after Jerry, it’d been a snap, but just for his family’s money and status. While nice enough, he could be so dull.

Rowdy, on the other hand, was a fun party guy and her favorite playmate. She’d never considered giving him up, not until last night.

Jerry had been so worn-out from his summer job it’d almost been funny. But a stop at the T-Bone Grill for a big lettuce and tomato salad, two double-cheeseburgers, a large order of curly fries, and three glasses of ice tea revived him enough to want something special for dessert.

That was okay with her. It was past time to be extra nice to him. Besides, she felt frisky. So Jerry would soon be getting lucky.

That he turned out to be so good came as a surprise, and a real bonus. The first time had been okay, maybe even a little exciting. Of course, most first times were. But other than that, it’d been sex as usual.

After they rested and shared a cigarette, however, he began making love, not just to the boobs and all that, but to every part of her body, and did it with nothing in his way, either. He’d insisted on taking off all her clothes. So there she lay, buck-naked in the backseat of his car, while he did his thing—and she had loved every moment.

Most guys were eager to paw and grab, but just until they moved on to the serious stuff. Jerry seemed to enjoy foreplay, kissing and touching and nibbling and stroking everywhere. And he kept on doing it until she’d been on the verge of begging him to get on with the serious stuff.

When he did, the sex had been even better than before. But it was this feeling she got that he wanted to make love to her, with her, not just get laid like Rowdy sometimes did, that really turned her on.

Maybe after wanting her for so long, he’d been determined to take full advantage of their time together. Maybe he always made love that way. Whatever the reason, being on the receiving end had been incredible.

But what made the night so special happened while going home. On a quiet stretch, he pulled over and kissed her. When it ended, he gave her this look and said, "I need you--now." All she could do, all she wanted to do, was nod.

They parked nearby, but so close to the road you could still see the occasional car passing. It felt like they were doing it right out in public. Jerry didn't seem to care, and moments later, neither did she. It all felt so spontaneous, so passionate, so, well, so damn romantic.

Tonight, they were back at the T-Bone but would soon be leaving for some more dessert. She smiled with anticipation and, yes, a feeling of love.

So long, Rowdy.

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Nice one, Bayou - Good luck with it. Bufty

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