Wednesday, March 07, 2007

E-zine Exposure

I feel it incumbent upon me to warn the reading public that two otherwise respectable, and respected, literay e-zines have, in the last few days, seen fit to temporarily lower their standards long enough to run a couple of my stories.

The new issue of, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal, includes my story, Bar Fight & Revelations. It's the first item on the index, so once you get past that bump on the great information highway the quality of the offerings improves rapidly.

The spring issue of, USADeepSouth, has slipped in a new, shorter version of a story originally posted here under the title, The Seducers. Due to the late arrival of the pruned-down piece of prose renamed, How You Handle A Guy, it has not (yet?) appeared on the index page. However, as part of my constant effort to spread the pain, here's a direct link to the story.

If you do check 'em out, and you should, don't hesitate to leave comments.

Bayou Bill