Wednesday, February 11, 2009

THAT LITTLE TALK - flash fiction

The many areas in which I lack anything resembling demostrated competence includes writing flash (short) fiction. I've manged to crank out a few that come in under 1000 words. The story now before you, however, is my first attempt at the oft challenged but seldom mastered 100 word barrier. As always, your comments, whether they be brickbats or bouquets, will be appreciated.

Bayou Bill


by Bill Fullerton

“I guess it’s time we had that little talk.”

His father’s voice was teasing. But Mark knew the talk would be about the summer job he hadn’t started. Maybe he could change the subject. “Oh, I already know all about that stuff. The stork brings the babies and leaves them under a cabbage leaf.”

“So that’s how it’s done. And I always thought Doc Miles brought them in his little black bag.”

“He does. But first he has to go by the cabbage patch and pick out a fresh one.”

“I see. Now when do you start work?”

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