Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bum Back Bilge Call

Greetings, World.

Had surgery yesterday to correct a bad disc that was pinching the sciatic nerve to my right leg. It all ended with both patient and doctor doing well. In fact, the sawbones was so proud of his work, he let me go home instead of overnighting in the hosptial.

Between the after-effects of general anesthesia and some pain pills, I entered slumber-land very early. Slept well, despite waking for a couple potty breaks, which, thanks to the after-effects of a damn catheter, were a bit of a pain. But that too shall pass, so to speak.

Today the back's sore where they did all the slicing and dicing, and the leg still hurts, but a lot less. With any luck, the pain levels should drop over the next few days.

Morning chores took a bit longer than usual, of course. Feeding the two dogs being a logistics challenge that required sitting in a chair to get the bowls down to dog level (NO bending allowed). Rest assured all three of us broke our fasts.

I'm still learning how to get around with this patch on my back. But there are plenty of pain pills and I have some audio books so staying inside (hit a record 102 here in Austin yesterday) is not the worst of all possible fates.

There's one thing I just gotta, gotta, gotta share with y'all.

A young gas passer came into my room to give me the usual pre-op talk. His name: Dr. Sturgeon. After he left, it occured to me that if he was a surgeon and a life-long celibate, he'd be:


The virgin, surgeon, Sturgeon.


Hey it's my blog and my back. :)

Bayou Bill

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