Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Buckley & Fullerton Endorse Obama

Christopher Buckley

I admit without the least hesitation, obfuscation or evasion that the heading for this post, while technically correct, is a mind-bending example of self-indulgent hubris on my part. That said, unless you can come up with another way for me to get my name included with those of Christopher Buckley and Barack Obama, cut me some slack. Okay?

I've never met the junior US Senator from Illinois, but have met Christopher Buckley (aka: William F. Buckley's son) a time or two. The first, and for me the most memorable, meeting being over a pool table out on Long Island where we went over some of the finer points of the grand game. That was way back in the days when he was still a teenager and I was a beat-up 'Nam vet.

Today, I'm still a beat-up 'Nam vet while Christopher has gone on to carve out a rep for himself as a journalist, novelist, and writer of essays, see:

On Tina Brown's new web site, THE DAILY BEAST, (recommended, as in, highly) he discussed in the erudite, insightful, and entertaining essay I've posted below why, though the son of conservatism's most famous intellectual icon, he will vote for Barack Obama.

Lacking Buckley's eruditon, insight, and entertaining style, I'll just say: Me, too.

I wonder if the Obama camp has gotten the news about this (fill in the blank) double-endorsement?

(Bayou) Bill Fullerton

note: Since the release of, Sorry Dad, I'm Voting For Obama, Christopher Buckley has resigned from the National Review. For more about the post-article fall-out, go to, Sorry Dad, I Was Fired at THE DAILY BEAST,

--first published 10/31/08

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