Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WORKERS WRITE: Tales From The Clinic


Tales From The Clinic

Anthology - Paperback
184 pages
$8.00 U.S.
ISSN: 1556-715X

The Dark Marks by Cortney Davis
Third Shift by Amy Simonson
Drawing Blood by David Yost
Your Test Is Positive by Lisa Rutledge
Last of the Richardsons by Peggy Duffy
You Lose a Few by Anna Sykora
A Voice in the Room by River Adams
Tests and Measurements by Dory Adams
There Are No Poems at Hospital Management Meetings by Cortney Davis
Melon by Lewis K. Schrager
Near-Death Experience by Bruce Hillman
The Call of the Rain Crow by John Sparks
The Notebook by Carol Scott-Conner
The Thirteenth Floor by Davi Walders

The Kiss by Bill Fullerton
(an excerpt)

“In other national news, a Defense Department spokesman said 18,000 of the 31,000 US troops ordered into Cambodia by President Nixon have been withdrawn.”

Gwen Kaplan gave her bangs one last touch. Before this summer, news about the war in Vietnam had been background noise to her life. She cared, but had been hearing about the war since junior high. Now things were different. Now she knew someone who had fought over there, and been wounded.

“Investigations are continuing into the killing of protesters at Kent State and Jackson State universities. Authorities are discounting recent allegations by Mississippi officials that both incidents were started by snipers firing from student dorms.”

Two weeks ago, the south was just a blur to her. Now that was also different. Now she also knew someone from the south. The same one who’d been wounded in Vietnam. Her hair would do, she decided, and put the brush into her purse.

Blue Cubicle Press
has just release, Workers Write! Tales from the Clinic, which includes, The Kiss, a story by your modest scribe (that's me.)

This is a very good thing for this "yet to be published" inchoate novelist, since, The Kiss, is a short story version of chapter one from my first novel, A Brief Affair. Now all I need is for some far-sighted editor, publisher, or agent to pick up a copy of, Workers Write! That's not much to ask for, is it?

So here's the deal; for only eight dollars you can get an anthology of tales with a medical theme that includes a short story of mine, The Kiss, a semi-autobiographical account of a more-or-less actual event.

What a bargain!

While copies will be available at more discerning bookstores, to order online just click on this link and pull out your credit card.

Beaming Bayou Bill

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Hi Bill, just stopping in to say hi!! Great writing on your blog!

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