Monday, December 19, 2005

And I Didn't Get Them Anything For Christmas

My friend, Dana Sieben, mentioned on her blog, Southern Gal Goes North about getting "slapped around" by a site called, I TALK TOO MUCH That sounded like something I needed to check out.

A group of women "The Bitches" delight in piling on caustic, sarcastic comments. Their rating system consists of a 1-5 scale of "Bitch-Slaps." Best I can tell, though it seems a bit counter-intuitive to me, the more, the better.

Bloggers have to volunteer their site for all this abuse, mind you. That probably says a lot about the average blogger's threshold of pain and their desire to have someone, anyone, look that their site.

Anyway, Dana and her site survived the experience, so I volunteered this poor. totally unflashy excuse for a blog. It recently got slapped around by PrincessPottymouth. FYI, other reviewers include: Ms Chatty, Bitter Bitch, and British Bitch.

Seems to be a pattern there.

Here's what PrincessPottymouth had to say about the old Bilge:


Standard Blogger Template - Meh.

Um... I really don't know what to say about the content, it's a bunch of short stories and articles, usually with a patriotic edge, which is fine, I guess... if you're my dad. In fact, I probably should have let my dad review this because, I guess Bill's a good writer, but it's his particular brand is "Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul" just isn't my thing.

He gets two smacks because he served our country (his painfully long "About Me" thing says that he's got a Purple Heart) and because my dad would probably like him.


See, that didn't hurt, too much.

Truth be told, I'm kinda pleased. If that seems odd, well, at least she guessed I was a good writer. As for the negative comments, if you think those were bad, you should read some of the other reviews.

Bayou (Bitch-Slapped) Bill


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